Personal Injury

Whether the matter will ultimately be settled with the insurance company or decided by a jury, experience counts, and Richard C. Alkire has the experience and skill to effectively represent your interests in a wide variety of civil litigation matters.

Vehicle Crashes

Serious injuries frequently occur due to accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles.  Many times insurance is insufficient to provide complete compensation.  Sometimes an employer ‘s insurance or the injured person ‘s insurance are additional sources of recovery.  Richard C. Alkire has experience in uncovering all available insurance, making claims and bringing lawsuits to compensate persons for their personal injuries or the deaths of their loved ones.

Products Liability

Manufacturers owe a duty to only release safe products into the stream of commerce.  When a product is defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or fails to properly warn a consumer, resulting in injuries to a user, the manufacturer can be held liable for the damage without having to prove that the manufacturer was negligent or otherwise at fault.  For example, pharmaceutical products may be rushed through the regulatory process before adequate testing has been done about the efficacy or harmful side effects of the drugs.  In other instances, motor vehicles may not be adequately tested for their crashworthiness, or safety may be sacrificed in the name of profit.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are held to a standard of knowledge and ability comparable to other members of the profession in their field.  When medical practice falls below this standard, doctors and hospitals can be held liable for the damage caused.  Common medical errors include failing to diagnose or giving an improper diagnosis, prescribing the wrong medication, or even performing an operation on the wrong body part or leaving a foreign object in the patient during surgery.  Our firm represents people who have been seriously injured by medical malpractice, including birth injuries resulting from improper use of forceps or hypoxia-induced brain damage from leaving the baby in the birth canal too long.

Employer Intentional Tort

In most states, a worker injured on the job is eligible to receive workers’ compensation but is prohibited from suing the employer for damages.  In Ohio, employees are allowed to bring an action against the employer when the employer ‘s conduct amounts to a deliberate intent to injure.  For example, the employee may be required to work on a machine that is defective or has not been properly maintained, or without proper safety equipment or adequate training.  In these instances, the employer may be liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Premises Liability

When a slip and fall or other accident occurs on another’s personal or commercial property, the property owner may be liable for the damage caused.  Property owners owe a duty to keep their property free of dangers to persons on their property, and to either remedy dangerous situations or provide an adequate warning to people who could be harmed on the property.  Food spills in grocery stores and restaurants and unnatural accumulation of ice and snow are examples of dangerous situations that must be corrected within a reasonable period of time.  Exposed wiring, broken handrails, and worn-out carpet are all examples of dangerous conditions which should be repaired or effectively dealt with to prevent injury to others.

Richard C. Alkire is dedicated to representing victims of serious injury or death resulting from the negligence or wrongful conduct of another party.  Contact Buckley King LPA for a consultation regarding your ability to recover compensation for your injuries from the negligent or responsible party.