Buckley King

I have moved my practice to Buckley King as of July 16, 2022. I couldn’t be more pleased to become a part of this firm. I am among a group of very talented lawyers. The atmosphere here is so conducive to quality representation of our clients. Every staff member is devoted to the best interests of those we have the privilege to represent. I am grateful to have landed here to continue to provide effective and compassionate service to those seeking my assistance.


April 15, 2015

As a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer it always helps to experience the substantive area about which one litigates.  I couldn’t help but appreciate how our medical caregivers must feel when they become the subject of a lawsuit questioning their conduct.  I was hospitalized recently to have a portion of my colon removed.  I know my surgeon knew the line of work I was in, and the hospital staff soon found that out also.  They couldn’t have been more compassionate toward me during my 4 1/2 day stay.  They all cared about what they were doing and how I was progressing.  I truly enjoyed explaining to them some of my experiences as a lawyer representing people who sustained injury due to medical negligence.   They were very curious to hear about some of my cases.  They never looked at it like the pursuit of money damages for real injuries due to a “mistake,”  rather than an intentional act.  When I explained to them about why we all have insurance, car insurance or otherwise, they seemed to get it.  In any event, I gained many insights during my hospital stay and a deep seeded respect for those who chose the health care career.

The Affordable Care Act

July 1, 2012

Chief Justice Roberts successfully prevented criticism of the Supreme Court as being another political tool when he joined with liberal justices in upholding most of the Affordable Care Act this week. I am concerned whether this will turn into a rallying cry for the right to defeat President Obama’s bid for reelection in the fall. This could be a perfect example of the operation of unintended (perhaps, I hate to be cynical) consequences. Of course, if the majority of Americans choose their president based upon their desire to allow the insurance companies unfettered control of health care, so be it. I then do not want to hear complaints as more and more Americans are unable to have decent health care coverage at a reasonable cost, as government is called upon to provide free health care to more and more people because they cannot afford it anymore and the insurance industry gets richer on the backs of all Americans. What I don’t get is why so many people are against being “taxed” so that our country can assure adequate health care for 90% of our population. Isn’t “health” one of the fundamental rights we have as Americans? Why shouldn’t our government play a major role in assuring that? People haven’t raised objections to payroll taxes for medicare and social security. This is no different. Everyone in America should share the financial burden of assuring adequate health care to the vast majority of our citizens. Why not? As a healthier society, we become more productive and our country and all Americans will benefit from this shared investment in our fellow citizen’s well-being. I hope by the time the elections come this year all the misinformation about “Obamacare” will be dispelled and the American people will embrace it as a huge step forward in the history of our great country.

Starting up a blog

June 21, 2012

I’ve been encouraged by my long time friend and technical guru to begin blogging. I suppose what I am most interested in discussing are the difficulties encountered in securing fair compensation for my injured clients. When I discuss what Ohio’s legislature has done to our tort system I am met with disbelief or a total lack of understanding. People really don’t understand how unfair caps on damages, short statutes of limitation and immunities are until it directly effects them or a member of their family. Recently, I agreed to represent a family whose son in his mid twenties was killed at work while operating a fork lift truck. Unfortunately, the law on employer intentional tort has been changed drastically and this law has been upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court. I will do my best for this family to explore all possibilities for third party actions, in addition to one against the employer. It will be an uphill fight.

First Entry

May 27, 2012

This is my blog… More to follow.