April 15, 2015

As a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer it always helps to experience the substantive area about which one litigates.  I couldn’t help but appreciate how our medical caregivers must feel when they become the subject of a lawsuit questioning their conduct.  I was hospitalized recently to have a portion of my colon removed.  I know my surgeon knew the line of work I was in, and the hospital staff soon found that out also.  They couldn’t have been more compassionate toward me during my 4 1/2 day stay.  They all cared about what they were doing and how I was progressing.  I truly enjoyed explaining to them some of my experiences as a lawyer representing people who sustained injury due to medical negligence.   They were very curious to hear about some of my cases.  They never looked at it like the pursuit of money damages for real injuries due to a “mistake,”  rather than an intentional act.  When I explained to them about why we all have insurance, car insurance or otherwise, they seemed to get it.  In any event, I gained many insights during my hospital stay and a deep seeded respect for those who chose the health care career.